Alarsh’s construction provides a complete solution for flat roof installation, repair, and maintenance in both commercial and residential premises. The company has earned a reputation as one of the most versatile roofing installation and repair service providers in the New York City area. As one of the top flat roof contractors in New York City, the company uses the best roofing materials based on the client’s needs and budget to provide durability, longevity, and a 100 percent return on his investment in stability and roofing.

Roof Repair and Service in Queens, New York

One of a property’s greatest assets is its properly constructed roofing. Apart from visual appeal, a well-maintained roof is an important aspect in ensuring the safety and longevity of a structure, whether it is used for commercial or residential purposes. The Alarsh’s construction-team may come to your house and check the roofing condition on-demand; following an on-site inspection, the company, as a unique Brooklyn NY Roofing Contractor, will propose a solution for roof repair.

Alarsh’s construction provides a complete roof solution, including flat roof repair, flat roof repair, and new roof installation. The flat roof installation jobs in Midtown Manhattan NYC, as well as the roof repair jobs in NYC, are done in accordance with local roofing laws: the sole purpose of our roof repair job is to keep our clients worry-free, litigation-free, and, if necessary, to get their insurance reimbursement in a hassle-free manner. In addition, we are one of the specialised Roofers in Brooklyn who can refurbish, refix, and re-construct residential and commercial flat roofs with the most energy-efficient roofing solutions based on their unique condition so that they can last for the next 10 years while remaining environmentally friendly.

Is it time for a new roof? When should you contact NYC Construction Repair?

Although inspecting a roof requires skill, you can smell a problem if any of the following circumstances persist:

  • Obvious Water penetration in the interior is indicated by leaking patches.
  • When you walk on the roof, you get a spongy feeling.
  • Cracks or unexpected peeling away of roofing layers can be seen.
  • Surface bubbling that is unusually frequent.
  • Your roof has moss growing on it.

We have a team of installers and roof mechanics that are trained to operate properly and use all necessary safety equipment, including the most up-to-date roof installation and repair tools and equipment. We are fully insured, so you are free of any danger of accidents if something goes wrong on your property.