Complete Your Building with the Highest Quality Façade Services

For both safety and aesthetic reasons, facade restoration is one of the most important operations. Although mortar joints and broken bricks are unsightly, they pose a serious threat to the integrity of the building. Flawed design or architecture, freezing damage, water penetration, corrosion, and incorrect installation are some of the most common causes of façade problems in buildings.

Residential and commercial developments, office towers, flats, high-rise structures, and shopping centers all benefit from bespoke curtain wall and façade solutions provided by a competent Façade contractor. Their direct interaction with the manufacturer ensures adherence to safety regulations and high quality standards. The façade is also recognized for providing structural support and waterproofing the inner rooms of a building.

Alarsh’s Construction provides Façade Restoration and Repair Services.

 Alarsh’s construction is a qualified and reputable facade contractor in New York City with over 27 years of experience. 11 remediation works, 11 local law inspections, brick and lintel replacement, brick pointing, power washing, parapet rebuilding, brownstone, stucco, ornament restoration of cast iron, and caulking are among the façade services provided by our organization.

We’ve renovated a number of historic structures throughout New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. Before designing the project, we conduct a thorough façade analysis and provide the customer with a detailed list of our recommendations and conclusions. This enables our customer to take fast and preventative action to address all of the façade issues.

Our company thinks that careful and in-depth pre-construction work is the key to a successful Building Facade Cleaning. Due to our extensive track record of achievement and client satisfaction, we can assist all types of customers as a reputable façade construction company.

We Provide Various Types of Façade Services

 Alarsh’s construction provides the following facade services in New York.

  • Waterproof and water repellent coatings for masonry work
  • Brick veneer installation
  • masonry anchor installation
  • Identifying and fixing mortar joints
  • Installation is aided by masonry.
  • Cracks in masonry are repaired.
  • Repointing of a stone façade
  • Masonry wall restoration and reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of the parapet and stone façade
  • Replacement and removal of terracotta units and ornamental stones
  • In the locations where the stone has degraded, Dutchman patch restoration is used.
  • The stone is cleaned.

Why are we the best in the business when it comes to facade services?

 Alarsh’s construction is the only company in this segment with over 27 years of experience in preventing the improper growth of your haven’s joints and congregations. The following are some of the reasons that distinguish us from other businesses.

Team on the Ground

 Alarsh’s construction provides a highly competent on-site personnel, as well as project supervision and management, logistics coordination, and sequencing. To ensure that all installations are completed safely and properly, all of our staff must meet industry requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Equipment

We use the most up-to-date technologies and equipment on all of our facade projects, including vacuum units, boom lifts, cranes, scissor lifts, and glazing robots.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Our access and scaffolding crew ensures that all façade-related tasks, including as cleaning and maintenance, are completed with ease.

For almost three decades,  Alarsh’s construction has been one of the most excellent companies providing Facade repair services in New York. We endeavor to provide excellent services to make your home a dream come true. So give us a call now for a free assessment of your building’s façade repairing and restoration needs!