While New York City is bustling with big areas and lofty skyscrapers, the city government has put some rigorous laws on the general public to ensure that the city functions properly and that peace and order is maintained.

The Department of Buildings has set various requirements on property owners that must be followed. A DOB Violation Notice is issued when this rule is broken. To avoid conflicts and additional penalties, you must remove DOB violations as quickly as possible in Bronx, NYC.

Notice of DOB Violation

When a property owner fails to comply with certain requirements and regulations, the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings issues a DOB violation notice. The infraction must be remedied as soon as feasible by the property owner.

The offence is documented in the Department’s Buildings Information System (BIS). Before a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy may be obtained, this infraction must be remedied.

On the property title search, the details of the DOB violation are publicly available. The property cannot be sold or refinanced while the violation is still active. The BIS database is checked for compliance by banks, mortgage companies, and other entities.

Removal of DOB Violations Queens, New York

The property owners are responsible for correcting the infraction noted in the DOB listing. The property owner must produce a document that will serve as verification of the action once the infraction has been removed.

Violations are divided into three categories:

  • Class 1 offences are those that are regarded to be immediately dangerous and can result in a fine of up to $1,500.
  • The major infractions are those classified as Class 2 infractions.
  • Class 3 offences are the ones that aren’t as dangerous.

The elimination of dob violations in New York City has a specific method for each type of infraction. There are several options for dealing with the tickets that have been received.

  • To begin, look at the Notice of Violation for Cure Date, if one is available. Then, together with supporting proofs, file a certificate of rectification. In this instance, the punishment may be reduced to some extent.
  • Second, accept responsibility and pay a fine. It is still necessary to file the certificate of rectification.
  • Finally, the case might be presented at the hearing.

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